Ecotourism in the Bolivian Amazon Mashaquipe

Mashaquipe Ecotours is conscious of the high expectations of our tourists and goes the extra mile to offer you the most memorable experience in contact with nature, wild life and our culture. Part of this effort is to replenish required energies presenting a nutritious, delicious and varied menu in all meals served at our ecolodges. Vegetarian and vegan food is also available.


National and international typical dishes cooked with fresh, organic, locally produced ingredients like fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and rice, guarantee health and support local food production. Every meal is an opportunity to taste some of our typical dishes, like:

“dunucuabi” – local fish cooked in palm leaves or bamboo

“majadito” – a rice stew with dried meat, egg and banana

“masaco” – traditionally crushed banana with dried meat or cheese

“sonso” – yucca/tapioca/mandioca and cheese

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