Mashaquipe Ecolodge



Located within the Madidi National Park in the amazon tropical jungle, 2 ½ hour boat ride from Rurrenabaque on an outboard-motor boat, 10-person capacity, comfortable seats, equipped with life vests, first aid kits, fire extinguisher and experienced boatmen. And a 5-minute walk from Tuichi river bed up into Ecolodge.

Surrounded by the Madidi National Park tropical jungle, wake up to an exclusive, marvelous natural concert of howling monkeys, macaws and many other birds.

5 Eco-lodges, built in the traditional amazon community style: wooden or sand floors, palm trunk walls, thatch roofs and ample mesh windows to guarantee coolness, comfort and keep insects out.

Capacity for 24 persons in comfortable, elegant rooms: double, matrimonial, triple and 5-bed dorms, with shared bathrooms and 2 private bathroom lodges. Shared bathrooms are located 10 to 15 meters from dorms, all equipped with toilet paper, towels and soap. Rooms are equipped with individual mosquito nets for each bed, lamp tables and luggage racks.

Outdoor rest area is equipped with hammocks to enjoy the shade under huge trees after the long walks in the jungle.

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